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Perks är en modifierad funktion som förekommer i multiplayerläget av Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops II och Call of Duty: Ghosts. Detr förändrar egenskaper som ger spelaren nya förmågor som till exempel springa längre, bättre hälsa eller ger spelaren utrustningar som till exempel granater, raketgevär och upptäcka minor.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare[]

Some perks are available initially, while others are unlocked as the player progresses through multiplayer ranks. Up to three perks, one of each tier, can be equipped at once.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Perks

Tier 1 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Ikon
C4 x2 1 Gives you 2 remote-detonated explosives. Fil:C4 x2 Perk CoD4.png
RPG-7 x2 1 Gives you a rocket launcher with two rockets. Fil:Specialty weapon rpg.png
Special Grenades x3 1 Gives player either 3 stun grenades or 3 flash grenades. Fil:Specialty specialgrenade.png
Bomb Squad 14 Enemy explosives are marked with icons. Fil:Specialty detectexplosives.png
Claymore x2 23 Gives you 2 Claymores. Fil:Claymore x2.png
Bandolier 32 Gives player extra starting ammo for your primary and secondary weapons Fil:Specialty extraammo.png
Frag x3 41 Gives player 3 fragmentation grenades Fil:Specialty fraggrenade.png

Tier 2 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Ikon
Juggernaut 1 Reduces incoming damage by 25%, cancels out Stopping Power and Sonic Boom Fil:Juggernaut icon.PNG
Sleight of Hand 20 Halves reloading time. Fil:Specialty fastreload.png
Sonic Boom 1 Increases explosives damage by 25%, cancels out Juggernaut Fil:Specialty explosivedamage.png
Stopping Power 1 Increases bullet damage by 40%, cancels out Juggernaut Fil:Specialty bulletdamage.png
Double Tap 29 Increases rate of fire by 33%. Fil:Specialty rof.png
UAV Jammer 11 Player becomes invisible against enemy UAVs. Fil:Specialty gpsjammer.png
Overkill 38 Allows you to have an extra primary weapon instead of a pistol. Fil:Specialty twoprimaries.png

Tier 3 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Ikon
Deep Impact 1 Extra bullet damage when shooting through walls. Fil:DeepImpact.png
Extreme Conditioning 1 Doubles players sprinting time. Fil:Specialty longersprint.png
Steady Aim 1 Increases hipfiring accuracy. Fil:Specialty bulletaccuracy.png
Last Stand 8 Player pulls out a pistol before dying. Headshots, grenade explosions, knife stabs, shotgun blasts, sniper rifle one-hit-kills, killstreaks and other directly lethal attacks will cancel this out. Fil:Specialty pistoldeath.png
Martyrdom 17 Drop a live grenade after death. Fil:Specialty grenadepulldeath.png
Iron Lungs 26 Longer breath hold for sniper rifles. Fil:Specialty holdbreath.png
Eavesdrop 35 Hear near by enemy's voice chat. Fil:Specialty parabolic.png
Dead Silence 44 Foot steps are 75% more silent Fil:Specialty quieter.png


Name Unlock Lvl. Effect Icon
Grenade Launcher N/A Equips assault rifles with a grenade launcher. Will take the place of first tier perk. Fil:MW Attachment M203.png
Grip N/A Equips shotguns and light machine guns with a vertical forward handgrip. Decreases recoil and improves accuracy. Will take the place of first tier perk. Fil:MW Attachment Grip.png

Call of Duty: World at War[]

As with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the perks are divided into equipment, weapon and ability tiers.

Call of Duty: World at War - Perks

Tier 1 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Ikon
Special Grenades x3 1 Gives player 3 Special Grenades. Fil:WaW Perk Specialgrenade.png
Satchel Charge x2 1 Gives player 2 Satchel Charges. Fil:WaW Perk Weapon Satchel.png
M9A1 Bazooka x2 1 Gives player a Bazooka with two rockets. Fil:WaW Perk Weapon RPG.png
Bomb Squad 16 Enemy Satchel Charges and Bouncing Betties are exposed. Fil:WaW Perk Detectexplosives.png
Bouncing Betty x2 24 Equips player with two proximity mines similar to Claymores. Fil:WaW Perk Weapon Betty.png
Bandolier 40 Increases initial starting ammunition. Fil:WaW Perk Extraammo.png
Primary Grenades x2 44 Gives the player two of any lethal grenades. Fil:WaW Perk Doublegrenade.png
M2 Flamethrower 65 Equips the player with a Flamethrower. Fil:WaW Perk Weapon Flamethrower.png

Tier 2 Perks

Name Unlock Lvl. Effect Icon
Stopping Power 1 Bullet damage increased by 40%. Cancels out Juggernaut. Fil:WaW Perk Bulletdamage.png
Fireworks 1 Explosive damage increased by 40%. Cancels out Flak Jacket. Fil:WaW Perk Explosivedamage.png
Flak Jacket 1 Reduces incoming explosive damage by 25%. Cancels out Fireworks. Fil:WaW Perk Flak Jacket.png
Gas Mask 1 Makes player immune to Tabun Gas. Fil:WaW Perk Gas Mask.png
Juggernaut 1 Reduces incoming bullet damage by 25%. Cancels out Stopping Power. Fil:WaW Perk Armorvest.png
Camouflage 12 Player becomes invisible against enemy Recon Planes. Fil:WaW Perk Gpsjammer.png
Sleight of Hand 28 Reload time is halved. Fil:WaW Perk Fastreload.png
Shades 32 Reduces the glare effects of Signal Flares. Fil:WaW Perk Shades.png
Double Tap 36 Increases rate of fire by 33%. Fil:WaW Perk ROF.png
Overkill 56 Replaces secondary weapon with another primary weapon. Fil:WaW Perk Twoprimaries.png

Tier 3 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Ikon
Deep Impact 1 Reduces damage lost when shooting through walls. Fil:WaW Perk Bulletpenetration.png
Extreme Conditioning 1 Double sprint duration. Fil:WaW Perk Longersprint.png
Steady Aim 1 Increased hipfire accuracy. Fil:WaW Perk Bulletaccuracy.png
Toss Back 6 Resets the fuse of thrown-back grenades. Fil:WaW Perk Pin Back.png
Second Chance 9 When near death, the player will pull out a pistol. Also gives the player the ability to revive downed allies. Downed after sustaining lethal fire for 30 sec. Fil:WaW Perk Pistoldeath.png
Martyrdom 20 A live grenade is dropped upon death. Fil:WaW Perk Grenadepulldeath.png
Fireproof 48 Damage from fire done to the player is reduced to 55%. Fil:WaW Perk Fireproof.png
Dead Silence 52 Reduces movement noise significantly. Fil:WaW Perk Quieter.png
Iron Lungs 60 Sniper Scope hold-breath time is increased to 10 seconds. Fil:WaW Perk Holdbreath.png
Reconnaissance 64 Expose all Artillery, Dogs and Tanks on the map. Fil:WaW Perk Recon.png

Vehicle Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Ikon
Water Cooler 1 Decreased turret overheating. Fil:WaW Perk Water Cooled.png
Greased Bearings 1 Increased turret rotation speed. Fil:WaW Perk Greased Barrings.png
Ordnance Training 12 Gives an effect similar to Sleight of Hand, halving the player's reload time. Fil:WaW Perk Ordinance.png
Leadfoot 28 Increases tank speed. Fil:WaW Perk Leadfoot.png
Coaxial Machine Gun 40 Allows driver to use a Coaxial machine gun in the front of the tank. Fil:WaW Perk Boost.png

Weapon Attachments

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Ikon
Rifle Grenade - Equips semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles with a grenade launcher. Will remove tier one if equipped. Fil:RifleGrenade.png
Foregrip - Equips shotguns with a vertical forward handgrip. Will remove tier one if equipped. Fil:WW Grip.png

Vehicle perks, Shades, Iron Lungs and Reconnaissance are not available on the Wii version of Call of Duty: World at War.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2[]

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the perks are divided into tiers in different ways than in Call of Duty 4 and World at War. Along with standard perks, players will now be able to unlock improved "Pro" versions of certain perks by fulfilling certain requirements while using them. These "Pro" versions include the original abilities of the perk, but also add new benefits.

Many of the perks that were in Call of Duty 4 and World at War that are missing are now either part of a Pro perk, available as weapon attachments, or are now deathstreaks, such as Deep Impact (FMJ), Bandolier (Scavenger Pro), and Martyrdom. The Overkill perk has been replaced partially by the inclusion of Machine Pistols, Shotguns, and Launchers as secondary weapons and also by the One Man Army and Bling perks.

Interestingly, if a Perk Challenge IV is achieved mid-game the "Pro" version will take effect immediately for all classes equipped with that perk. However, the effect of the Pro version is granted after respawning. Up to three perks, one of each tier, can be equipped at one time. The tiers are color coded blue, red, and green; only one of each can be equipped.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Perks

Tier 1 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Pro Effekt Ikon Pro Ikon
Marathon 4 Unlimited sprint.

Mantle obstacles faster.

Fil:Marathon.png Fil:MarathonPro.png
Sleight of Hand 4 Faster reloading. Faster ADS (Aim Down Sight). Fil:Reload.png Fil:ReloadPro.png
Scavenger 13 Resupply from dead bodies (both friendly and enemy).

Extra starting magazines

(except for launchers)

Fil:Scavenge.png Fil:ScavengePro.png
Bling 21 Allows an extra attachment on your primary weapon.

Allows an extra attachment to secondary weapon.

Fil:Bling.png Fil:Bling pro perk MW2.png
One Man Army 45 Allows class switching in-game. (Replaces secondary weapon)

Faster class switching (from 5 seconds to 3).

Fil:Army.png Fil:ArmyPro.png

Tier 2 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Pro Effekt Ikon Pro Ikon
Stopping Power 4 Increased bullet damage by 40%.

Increased bullet damage vs enemy killstreak rewards.

Fil:Power.png Fil:PowerPro.png
Lightweight 4 Move 7% faster.

Quicker aiming after sprinting.

Fil:Lightweight MW2.png Fil:Lightweight Pro MW2.png
Hardline 9 Killstreaks require 1 less kill.

Deathstreaks require 1 less death.

Fil:Hardline.png Fil:HardlinePro.png
Cold Blooded 25 Invisible against enemy sentry guns, thermal optics, aerial killstreaks and UAVs.

No cross-hair, icon, and red name when being aimed at.

Fil:Cold.png Fil:ColdPro.png
Danger Close 33 Increased explosive damage by 40%.

Increased damage when using explosive killstreak rewards.

Fil:Danger.png Fil:DangerPro.png

Tier 3 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Pro Effekt Ikon Pro Ikon
Commando 1 Increased melee lunge distance.

No falling damage.

Fil:Commando II.png Fil:CommandoPro.png
Steady Aim 1 Increased hip-fire accuracy.

Hold breath longer when scoped.

Fil:Steady.png Fil:SteadyPro.png
Scrambler 17 Jams the enemy radar when they are close enough.

Delays enemy claymore explosions.

Fil:Scramble.png Fil:ScramblerPro.png
Ninja 29 Imune to the Heartbeat Sensor.

footsteps are 4 times more silent. Cancels out SitRep Pro

Fil:Ninja2.png Fil:NinjaPro.png
SitRep 37 Detect enemy explosives.

Enemy footsteps are 4 times louder. you can not hear your own footsteps, although the enemies can.

Fil:SitRep perk MW2.png Fil:SitRepPro.png
Last Stand 41 Use a pistol while bleeding out prior to death. Headshots, grenade explosions, knife stabs, shotgun blasts, sniper rifle one-hit-kills, killstreaks and other directly lethal attacks will cancel this out.

Use your equipment in Last Stand. Same rules apply as the standard version of Last Stand.

Fil:Lastand.png Fil:LastandPro.png

Death Streaks

Perk Namn Unlock Lvl. Number of Deaths Required to Activate


Copycat 4 4

Copy the loadout of the person who last killed you during the killcam.

Fil:Copycat emblem MW2.png
Painkiller 6 3 Increased health for 10 seconds. Fil:Painkiller emblem MW2.png
Martyrdom 27 4

Drop a live frag grenade upon death

Fil:Martyrdom emblem MW2.png
Final Stand 39 4

Survive after lethal amount of damage, (while laying down) and use primary/secondary/equipment/special grenade.

Fil:Final Stand emblem MW2.png

Call of Duty: Black Ops[]

All Perks are unlocked for purchase at level 4. Unlocking Pro Perks requires three sets of challenges related to the standard version to be completed, as well as the purchase of the ability for 2000 CoD Points and the 3000 cost for the upgrade to its Pro version. The appearance of the Pro perks are done in a similar fashion to the ones in Modern Warfare 2, where the background becomes a star with the perk graphic superimposed over top of it.

First tier perks designate player appearance and provide constant passive effects. Second tier perks enhance weapon performance. Third tier perks can be either active or passive and are generally more context-sensitive than first tier perks. The perks featured in Black Ops are as follows.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Perks

Tier 1 Perks

Namn Kostar/Uppgraderar Effekt Pro Effekt Ikon Pro Ikon
Lightweight Default/3000 Move 7% faster No falling damage. Fil:BO Perk Lightweight.png Fil:Perk lightweight 256 pro.png
Scavenger 2000/3000 Pick up ammo and lethal grenades from dead bodies. Extra mags when spawned and replenish tactical grenades (except Willy Pete smoke grenade). Fil:BO Perk Scavenger.png Fil:Perk scavenger 256 pro.png
Ghost 2000/3000 Invisible against Spy Planes. Resistant against aircraft, infrared, and sentries. No cross-hair or red name when targeted. Fil:Perk ghost 256.png Fil:Perk ghost pro.png
Flak Jacket 2000/3000 Reduce explosive damage. Take significantly less flame damage and reset the fuse of enemy frag grenades when thrown back. Fil:BO Perk Flak Jacket.png Fil:Perk flak jacket 256 pro.png
Hardline 2000/3000 One less kill for killstreaks. Allows player to randomly choose another reward from a Care Package once. Fil:BO Perk Hardline.png Fil:Perk hardline 256 pro.png

Tier 2 Perks

Namn Kostar/Uppgraderar Effekt Pro Effekt Ikon Pro Ikon
Hardened Default/3000 Increased bullet penetration. Increased damage to enemy killstreaks and reduced flinch when shot at. Fil:BO hardened p3rk.png Fil:Perk deep impact 256 pro.png
Scout 2000/3000 Hold breath longer when scoping. Switch weapons faster. Fil:BO scout p3rk.png Fil:Perk scout 256 pro.png
Steady Aim 2000/3000 Increased hip-fire accuracy. Faster recovery after sprinting and knifing. Fil:Perk steady aim 256.png Fil:Perk steady aim 256 pro.png
Sleight Of Hand 2000/3000 Faster reload time. Faster ADS. (Except sniper rifles.) Fil:Perk sleight of hand 256.png Fil:Perk sleight of hand 256 pr.png
Warlord 2000/3000 Two primary weapon attachments (except underbarrel attachments). Carry one extra lethal and tactical grenade, except Willy Pete. Fil:Warlord.png Fil:Warlord Pro.png

Tier 3 Perks

Namn Kostar/Uppgraderar Effekt Pro Effekt Ikon Pro Ikon
Marathon 2000/3000 Increased sprint duration. Unlimited sprint. Fil:MarathonBO.png Fil:Perk marathon 256 pro.png
Ninja 2000/3000 Quiet movement (75%) Enemies will be heard louder. Player becomes completely silent. Fil:Ninja.png Fil:Perk ninja 256 pro.png
Second Chance 2000/3000 Survive lethal damage and use a pistol while downed. Cannot be revived. Headshots, grenade explosions, knife stabs, shotgun blasts, sniper rifle one-hit-kills, killstreaks and other directly lethal attacks will cancel this out. Increased bleed out time and teammates can revive you. Same rules apply as the standard version of Second Chance. Fil:Perk second chance 256.png Fil:Perk second chance 256 pro.png
Hacker 2000/3000 Detect enemy equipment. Receive and then booby trap enemy Care Packages, hack enemy equipment, and become invisible to Motion Sensors. Fil:BO hacker p3rk.png Fil:Perk hacker 256 pro.png
Tactical Mask Default/3000 Immune to Nova Gas. Reduces the effects of enemy flashbangs and concussion grenades. Reveals position of a flashed or stunned enemy. Fil:Perk tactical mask 256.png Fil:Perk tactical mask 256 pro.png

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS) och Modern Warfare 3: Defiance[]

Perks are featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS) and can be selected during respawn and at the menu.

The perks are unlocked when the player reaches various multiplayer levels. The Perks are:

Perk Effekt
Bandolier Doubles the ammo for all weapons except grenades
Body Armour Decreases bodily damage
Camouflage Semi-transparent when prone and stationary
Extra Pockets 2 extra grenades when spawning
Extreme Conditioning Sprint time doubled
Fast Hands Decrease time to arm and disarm bomb in Sabotage
Last Stand Shoot a pistol when heavily wounded
Martyrdom Drop a live grenade upon death
More Bang Thrown grenades have a larger blast radius
Nerves of Steel Reduced weapon recoil
Paper Walls Full metal jackets granted for maximum penetration
Protections 5 seconds of invincibility upon spawning
Sleight of Hand Reload time halved
Steady Aim Increased hipfire accuracy
Stealth Invisible on enemy radar
Stopping Power Bullets inflict extra damage
Super Clip Doubles magazine capacity for all weapons
Team Player Appear as a friend on enemy radar

These perks return once again in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Defiance, but are now sorted into tiers. So unlike Black Ops DS where the player can pick any perk to equip in their perk slots. Players are now restricted into using perks in their allocated tier.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3[]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Perks

Tier 1 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Pro Effekt Pro Unlock Ikon Pro Ikon
Recon Unlocked by default. Explosive damage paints the target on the mini-map for 12 seconds. Effect is similar to an Advanced UAV, giving positional and directional intel on the victim. Can be partially cancelled out with Dead Silence.
Bullet damage highlights the target on the mini-map for 12 seconds. Effect is similar to an Advanced UAV, giving positional and directional intel on the victim. Can be partially cancelled out with Dead Silence.
Painting 120 enemies on the mini-map with Recon Fil:Recon perk MW3.png Fil:Recon pro perk MW3.png
Sleight of Hand Unlocked by default. Reload time halved.
Swap weapons twice as fast.

120 kills with Sleight of Hand

Fil:Sleight of Hand perk MW3.png Fil:Sleight of Hand pro perk MW3.png
Blind Eye 11 Invincible against automated enemy air support and sentry guns. Player-controlled killstreaks can spot Blind Eye users through thermal vision.
Launchers lock-on twice as fast. 60% extra bullet damage versus air support and sentries.
Destroy 40 enemy killstreaks rewards using Blind Eye Fil:Blind Eye perk MW3.png Fil:Blind Eye pro perk MW3.png
Extreme Conditioning 22

Sprint for twice as long.

Mantle obstacles twice as fast.
Sprint 20 miles with Extreme Conditioning Fil:Extreme Conditioning perk MW3.png Fil:Extreme Conditioning pro perk MW3.png
Scavenger 39 Replenish non-explosive ammo from corpses. Weapon magazines, throwing knives and/ or underbarrel shotgun shells are given. Should a fallen body be armed with an underbarrel grenade launcher, walking over said body will surrender 1 round for that grenade launcher.
Extra mags upon spawning. Launchers do not benefit.
Replenish 100 ammo packs using Scavenger Fil:Scavenger perk MW3.png Fil:Scavenger pro perk MW3.png

Tier 2 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Pro Effekt Pro Unlock Ikon Pro Ikon
Quickdraw Unlocked by default. ADS time reduced.
Recover from equipment and grenade usage three times as fast.
80 kills within a few seconds of aiming while in ADS and using Quickdraw Fil:Quickdraw perk MW3.png Fil:Quickdraw pro perk MW3.png
Blast Shield Unlocked by default. 45% increased explosive resistance.
50% less stun time from flash and concussion grenades.
Survive 20 enemy explosions with Blast Shield Fil:Blast Shield perk MW3.png Fil:Blast Shield pro perk MW3.png
Hardline 15 Pointstreak acquisition requires 1 less point.
Every two assists earned add a point toward pointstreak acquisition. Deathstreaks require 1 less death.
Earn 80 pointstreak rewards using Hardline Fil:Hardline perk MW3.png Fil:Hardline pro perk MW3.png
Assassin 27 Invisible to enemy UAVs/ Advanced UAVs/ portable radars/ thermal scopes/ heartbeat sensors.
Resistant against Counter UAV/ EMP/ MOAB. No crosshair or red name when targeted. Undetectable by marksman users. Killstreaks activated by Assassin-employing players will be destroyed if an EMP/ MOAB is active.
20 kills with an enemy UAV/ Advanced UAV is active and with Assassin Fil:Assassin perk MW3.png Fil:Assassin pro perk MW3.png
Overkill 47 Secondary weapon replaced by a primary weapon incapable of accepting attachments.
Second primary weapon will accept 1 attachment and camouflage.
120 kills with second primary weapon Fil:Overkill perk MW3.png Fil:Overkill pro perk MW3.png

Tier 3 Perks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt Pro Effekt Pro Unlock Ikon Pro Ikon
Marksman Unlocked by default. Identify enemy targets at longer range. Assassin Pro renders this useless.
Hold breath twice as long with a sniper rifle scope/ VZS/ thermal scope.
50 kills while holding breath and using Marksman Fil:Marksman perk MW3.png Fil:Marksman pro perk MW3.png
Stalker Unlocked by default. Full speed movement when ADS.
2 second delay to enemy explosives
120 kills while ADS and moving when Stalker is equipped Fil:Stalker perk MW3.png Fil:Stalker pro perk MW3.png
SitRep 19 Detect enemy equipment, (lethals and tacticals) as well as booby trapped packages.
Louder enemy footsteps, softer teammate footsteps. Cancels out Dead Silence.
Destroy 50 pieces of enemy equipment with SitRep equipped Fil:Sitrep perk MW3.png Fil:Sitrep pro perk MW3.png
Steady Aim 30 35% increased hip fire accuracy.
Weapon is ready faster after sprinting.
120 hip-fire kills using Steady Aim Fil:Steady Aim perk MW3.png Fil:Steady Aim pro perk MW3.png
Dead Silence 55 Quieter movement. Halves Recon duration. SitRep Pro renders this useless.
No fall damage. Hardcore modes and certain maps render this useless (eg the well in Seatown)
50 close range kills with Dead Silence Fil:Dead Silence perk MW3.png Fil:Dead Silence pro perk MW3.png

Death Streaks

Namn Unlock Lvl. Number of Deaths Required to Activate


Juiced Unlocked by default. 4 (3 with Hardline Pro)

Move much faster after spawning. Lasts 8 seconds.

Fil:Specialty juiced small.png
Revenge 15 5 (4 with Hardline Pro)

Players see the position of the last enemy that killed them.

Fil:Specialty revenge small.png
Final Stand 32 4 (3 with Hardline Pro)

Allows the player to crawl around and use their primary weapon when they are downed. Headshots, grenade explosions, knife stabs, shotgun blasts (especially with Damage), sniper rifle one-hit-kills, killstreaks and other directly lethal attacks will cancel this out.

Fil:Specialty finalstand small.png
Martyrdom 51 4 (3 with Hardline Pro)

Drop a live frag grenade upon death.

Fil:Specialty grenadepulldeath small.png
Dead Man's Hand 57 6 (5 with Hardline Pro)

Pull out C4 before death. Explosive has same strength as a deployed C4 detonation, but will not penetrate surfaces.

Fil:Specialty deadmans hand.png
Hollow Points 71 5 (4 with Hardline Pro)

40% more bullet damage for 1 kill.

Fil:Specialty stopping power small.png

Call of Duty: Black Ops II[]


Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Perks
Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt


Tier 1

Lightweight 4 Move 7% faster, take no fall damage Fil:Lightweight Perk Icon BOII.png
Flak Jacket 32 Take 65% less explosive damage. no explosive is one hit kill unless it is a direct impact. Fil:Flak Jacket Perk Icon BOII.png
Blind Eye 5 Undetectable by AI controlled air support. Fil:Blind Eye Perk Icon BOII.png
Hardline 4

Player receives 20% more score towards their scorestreaks. This does not apply to UAV, CUAV, and EMP Assists.

Fil:Hardline Perk Icon BOII.png
Ghost 55 Invisible against enemy UAVs while moving, planting/defusing bombs, and controlling scorestreaks. Note: Using this will not grant immunity against Orbital VSATs. Fil:Ghost Perk Icon BOII.png
Tier 2
Hard Wired 26 Immune to Counter-UAVs and EMPs Fil:Hard Wired Perk Icon BOII.png
Scavenger 44 Replenish ammunition and lethals from enemies killed by the players (except explosive kills) Fil:Scavenger Perk Icon BOII.png
Cold Blooded 4 Immune to Dual Band, Target Finder, Millimeter Scanner, Sensor Grenades and Player controlled Scorestreaks. No red name when targeted by enemies. Fil:Cold Blooded Perk Icon BOII.png
Fast Hands 8 Swap guns faster, use lethal and tactical equipment faster. Reset the fuse when throwing back frag grenades. Fil:Fast Hands Perk Icon BOII.png
Toughness 4 Flinch less when shot. Fil:Toughness Perk Icon BOII.png
Tier 3
Dexterity 4 Climb ladders and mantle objects faster, aim faster after sprinting Fil:Dexterity Perk Icon BOII.png
Engineer 14 Show deployed enemy equipment, delay explosives, re-roll and booby trap enemy care packages Fil:Engineer Perk Icon BOII.png
Dead Silence 38 Silent footsteps. Character does not talk nor does it make any other type of noise whatsoever. Fil:Dead Silence Perk Icon BOII.png
Extreme Conditioning 4 Sprint for double the normal distance. Combat knife gains a 2.5x sprint distance. Fil:Extreme Conditioning Perk Icon BOII.png
Tactical Mask 20 Reduces the effects of flash, concussion and shock charges by 90%. (nearly immune) Fil:Tactical Mask Perk Icon BOII.png
Awareness 50 Enemy movements are louder. Users can not hear dead silence users. Fil:Awareness Perk Icon BOII.png


Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Wildcards
Name Unlock Lvl. Effect Icon
Primary Gunfighter 22 Allows a 3rd attachment for your primary weapon Fil:Primary Gunfighter Wildcard Icon BOII.png
Secondary Gunfighter 19 Allows a 2nd attachment for your secondary weapon Note: Dual Wield cannot be used with any other attachment for balance purposes. Fil:Secondary Gunfighter Wildcard Icon BOII.png
Overkill 18 Carry a primary weapon in place of your secondary Fil:Overkill Wildcard Icon BOII.png
Perk 1 Greed 4 Carry 1 extra perk from tier 1 Fil:Perk 1 Greed Wildcard Icon BOII.png
Perk 2 Greed 10 Carry 1 extra perk from tier 2 Fil:Perk 2 Greed Wildcard Icon BOII.png
Perk 3 Greed 13 Carry 1 extra perk from tier 3 Fil:Perk 3 Greed Wildcard Icon BOII.png
Danger Close 28 Carry a second lethal Fil:Danger Close Wildcard Icon BOII.png
Tactician 25 Carry a tactical in place of your lethal Fil:Tactician Wildcard Icon BOII.png

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified[]

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified - Perks
Namn Unlock Lvl. Effekt


Tier 1

Sleight of Hand Reload faster
Lightweight Run Faster
Hardline Decreases amount of points for a Scorestreak
Jammer Remain invisible to enemy UAV's, Sentries and Air Support.
Tier 2
Cold Blooded No name on enemy screen.
Fast Hands Swap weapons faster.
Hard-Wired Immune to Counter UAV.
Toughness Less flinch when shot
Tier 3
Dead Silence No noise when moving
Flak Jacket Protects from explosive damage
Surplus Start off with extra mags and grenades
Marksman See names from further away

Call of Duty: Ghosts[]

Perks return in Call of Duty: Ghosts, dividing into seven categories. These are Speed, Handling, Stealth, Awareness, Resistance, Equipment, and Elite. A player starts with 8 'points' to distribute between 35 perks. Perks are weighted between 1 and 5 points. Primary weapons, secondary weapons, and lethal and tactical equipment all count as one 'point', and removing them all would result in 12 'points' becoming available. Perks can be unlocked through a certain level or squad points. Any perk can be unlocked any time through squad points.

COD: Ghosts Perk Table
Speed Ready Up (1) Sleight of Hand (2) Agility (2) Marathon (2) Stalker (3)
Handling Strong Arm (1) On The Go (1) Reflex (2) Steady Aim (2) Quickdraw (3)
Stealth Takedown (1) Blind Eye (2) Dead Silence (2) Incog (3) Off the Grid (3)
Awareness Recon (1) Scavenger (2) SitRep (2) Amplify (2) Wiretap (3)
Resistance Resilience (1) ICU (2) Focus (2) Tac Resist (2) Blast Shield (2)
Equipment Extra Tactical (1) Extra Lethal (2) Fully Loaded (2) Extra Attachment (3) Danger Close (4) Trigger Happy (Safeguard only)
Elite Gambler (1) Hardline (2) Ping (2) Overkill (3) Deadeye (5)

Perks in other game modes[]

"Trigger Happy" is unique to Safeguard mode, whereas "Self Revive" is exclusive to Extinction and Chaos Mode. All other perks mentioned below are present in said Chaos Mode only.

  • Trigger Happy
  • Self Revive
  • Mega Melee
  • Trap Master
  • Gas Mask
  • Stopping Power
  • Quick Revive
  • Fast Health Regen
  • More Cash
  • Super Stopping Power
  • Juiced
  • Double Health
  • Feral Vision

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare[]


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Perks
Name Unlock Lvl. Effect


Tier 1

Lightweight 1 (Default) Move faster.
Low Profile 1 (Default) Become undetectable by enemy UAVs and Tracker Bullets.
Danger Close ??? Increased explosive and scorestreak damage.
Overcharged ??? Increased Exo Ability battery duration and shocks enemies upon impact of a Boost Slam.
Flak Jacket ??? Increased resistance from explosive damage, no slowdown from explosive damage and resets Grenade timer on throwback.

Tier 2

Peripherals 1 (Default) Increased mini-map coverage and no death marker when enemies are killed.
Blind Eye 1 (Default) Become invisible to all enemy scorestreaks except the UAV.
Cold-Blooded ??? Become resistant to enemy targeting systems, no enemy call-outs and no red name or crosshairs when targeted.
Fast Hands 34 Reload while sprinting and faster Exo Ability and Exo Launcher use.
Gung-Ho 31 Shoot while sprinting or sliding.

Tier 3

Toughness 1 (Default) Reduced flinch when shot.
Scavenger 35 Start with maximum ammo capacity and resupply ammo from dead players.
Blast Suppressor 2 Using Exo Movements does not make you appear on mini-maps.
Hard Wired 1 (Default) Immune to enemy System Hack, EMP, Nano Swarms, Stun Grenades, and Scramblers.
Hardline ??? Decrease scorestreak cost by 100.


Overkill : Take a primary weapon in your secondary weapon slot.

Primary Gunfighter : Take a third primary attachment.

Secondary Gunfighter : Take a second secondary attachment.

Perk 1 Greed : Take a second perk 1.

Perk 2 Greed : Take a second perk 2.

Perk 3 Greed : Take a second perk 3.

Tactician : Take an exo ability in your exo launcher slot.

Bombardier : Take an exo launcher in your exo ability slot.

Streaker : Take a fourth scorestreak.


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