Följande lista är ranksystemet i Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare i multiplayer.

Private First Class Private First Class I Private First Class II Lance Corporal Lance Corporal I Lance Corporal II
Level: 1 Level: 2 Level: 3 Level: 4 Level: 5 Level: 6
EP: 0 EP: 30 EP: 120 EP: 270 EP: 480 EP: 750
Starting Classes Unlocks: W1200 class Unlocks: M40A3 class Unlocks: Create a Class Weapon Challenges Game Modes
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Corporal Corporal I Corporal II Sergeant Sergeant I Sergeant II
Level: 7 Level: 8 Level: 9 Level: 10 Level: 11 Level: 12
EP: 1080 EP: 1470 EP: 1920 EP: 2430 EP: 3000 EP: 3650
Unlocks: M21 Unlocks: Last Stand Unlocks: M4A1 Carbine Unlocks: UAV Jammer
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Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant I Staff Sergeant II Gunnery Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant I Gunnery Sergeant II
Level: 13 Level: 14 Level: 15 Level: 16 Level: 17 Level: 18
EP: 4380 EP: 5190 EP: 6080 EP: 7050 EP: 8100 EP: 9230
Unlocks: Mini-Uzi Unlocks: Bomb Squad Unlocks: M1911 Unlocks: Martyrdom
75px 75px 75px 75px 75px 75px

Master Sergeant Master Sergeant I Master Sergeant II Master Gunnery Sergeant Master Gunnery Sergeant I Master Gunnery Sergeant II
Level: 19 Level: 20 Level: 21 Level: 22 Level: 23 Level: 24
EP: 10440 EP: 11730 EP: 13100 EP: 14550 EP: 16080 EP: 17690
Unlocks: M60E4 Unlocks: Sleight of Hand Unlocks: Operations (challenges) Unlocks: Dragunov Unlocks: Claymore x2
75px 75px 75px 75px 75px 75px

Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant I Second Lieutenant II First Lieutenant First Lieutenant I First Lieutenant II
Level: 25 Level: 26 Level: 27 Level: 28 Level: 29 Level: 30
EP: 19380 EP: 21150 EP: 23000 EP: 24930 EP: 26940 EP: 29030
Unlocks: G3 Unlocks: Iron Lungs Unlocks: AK-74u Unlocks: Double Tap Unlocks: Killer
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Captain I Captain II Major Major I Major II
Level: 31 Level: 32 Level: 33

Level: 34

Level: 35 Level: 36
EP: 31240 EP: 33570 EP: 36020 EP: 38590 EP: 41280 EP: 44090
Unlocks: M1014 Unlocks: Bandolier Unlocks: R700 Unlocks: Eavesdrop
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Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel I Lieutenant Colonel II Colonel Colonel I Colonel II
Level: 37 Level: 38 Level: 39 Level: 40 Level: 41 Level: 42
EP: 47020 EP: 50070 EP: 53240 EP: 56530 EP: 59940 EP: 63470
Unlocks: G36C Unlocks: Overkill Unlocks: P90 Unlocks: Frag x3 Unlocks: Humiliation
75px 75px 75px 75px 75px 75px
Brigadier General Brigadier General I Brigadier General II Major General Major General I Major General II
Level: 43 Level: 44 Level: 45 Level: 46 Level: 47 Level: 48
EP: 67120 EP: 70890 EP: 74780 EP: 78790 EP: 82920 EP: 87170
Unlocks: Desert Eagle Mark XIX Unlocks: Dead Silence Unlocks: M14
Fil:CoD4 1star.png Fil:CoD4 1star.png

Fil:CoD4 1star.png




Lieutenant General Lieutenant General I Lieutenant General II General General I General II
Level: 49 Level: 50 Level: 51 Level: 52 Level: 53 Level: 54
EP: 91540 EP: 96030 EP: 100640 EP: 105370 EP: 110220 EP: 115190
Unlocks: Barrett .50 Cal Unlocks: Elite Unlocks: MP44
75px 75px 75px 75px 75px 75px
Level: 55
EP: 120280

Unlocks: Gold Desert Eagle


Note: If the player is going to Prestige, he/she needs to get promoted once more after reaching Commander. (Prestiging is not available on the PC.)

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