alias Barb

FANDOM-Helfer Globaler Diskussions-Moderator
  • Ich bin geboren am 22. Juli
  • Ich arbeite als college student
  • Ich bin male
  • Biografie Miraculer, always open to very good anime (if time permits), loves mobile gaming.
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My name is DarkBarbarian. You can also call me Barbar or shortly Barb. I am a German user and part of Vanguard and the Global Discussions moderators.

I am not an active user in this community and I most likely did some vanguard work, took action in this wiki's Discussions (for more details see GDM guidelines) or reverted vandalism.

You want to contact me?
Don't hesitate to write something on my message wall or message me on 22px-Discord.pngDiscord.

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